Man rapes granny ,falls into deep sleep and gets arrested – The Voice

Date: September 20, 2012
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Name of the article : Man rapes granny, falls into deep sleep and gets arrested

Name of Journalist : Daniel Chida

Name of publication : The Voice

Date : 07 September 2012

Country: Botswana

Skills : Fairness

Theme : Rape

Genre : News

Gem Classification : Blatant blind

Description :

A 29 year old man of Boseja ward was arrested while asleep after he allegedly raped a 75 year old pensioner at Sedie ward in MaunJacob Senyamba who is well known to the grannys family knew that the old woman slept alone in a house next to her grand daughters house. Police say they did not know how he gained entry into the house but he was found fast asleep inside the victims blankets and arrested on the 31st August 2012. Officer in charge at Criminal Investigative Office ,Detective Assistant   Superintendent Motlapele Marupamabe told The Voice that Senyamba sneaked into the old womans house at night between 2200 and 2300 hours. The Superintendent further revealed that before committing the rape, Senyamba allegedly threatened to kill the old woman if she called for help or screamed.

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