Retaining women in sports proves a challenge

Date: June 19, 2012
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Name of the Article: Retaining women and girls in sports proves a challenge

Name of Publication : Mmegi

Name of Journalist : Mosah Mokganedi

Date ; 25 May 2012

Country : Botswana

Skills : Events vs Issues

Theme : Gender equality, sports

Genre : News

Gem classification : Gender aware

Description : The Womens Affairs Officer in the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs,  Shadrack Monyeki says that the fact that women have always been viewed as” beauty ornaments” has hindered their participation in sports . Monyeki said even women who take part in sports struggle to maintain their expected beauty ideals and end up not unleashing their full sporting potential. Monyeki said this at Women and Sports Botswana (WASBO) panel discussion , which was held on Tuesday night .The discussion sought to identify ways to encourage ore girls and women to participate in sports. It was held under the theme ” Attracting and Retaining girls and women in sports: What can Botswana do?” Monyeki noted that the that the most important question Batswana should ask themselves was,” Is sports a gender issue.

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