Taxi driver rapes boy, 10 – The Midweek Sun

Date: July 9, 2011
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Name of story : Taxi driver rapes boy, 10

Name of journalist: Joe-Brown Tlhaselo

Name of publication: The Midweek Sun

Date: 6 June 2011

Country: Botswana

Theme: Child abuse

Skills: Fairness

Genre: News

Gem classification: Gender aware


A  39 year old taxi driver of Zezuru origin was on Monday released from police custody in Palapye following his arrest on Saturday evening shortly after dragging a ten year old Standard Four boy to the bush where he allegedly raped him.

It is heart rending of an otherwise jovial and hyperactive child who would not have guessed at what was about to happen to him when his trusted driver offered to help him. Relating the sordid events of his ordeal to both his family and later to the police, the young boy still exuded his happy go lucky element and spoke with the confidence, bravery, and authority of someone triple his age. He told of how he refused an offer of P5-00 meant to keep the rape a secret.

This was after the heavily bearded man had been shocked by the boy’s threat to report him to his family and also to a court of law. In the boy’s world, any such incident has to be reported to the court, not the police. And in his narration at the police station, he implored the men in blue to lock up the taxi driver for the rest of his life and feed him only with samp until he dies.

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Nathan Chituti says:

To start with, this is disturbing! It’s like on the daily, this world is getting more and more twisted! I mean, what grown man finds pleasure in having sex with a young boy of that age? not just of that age but stealing innocence. Secondly, this right here is typical Joe-Brown writing! Dude where are you? Need to locate you man! Nice piece!!

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