Was it rape or defilement – Mmegi

Date: September 7, 2012
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Name of the article : Was it rape or defilement

Name of Publication : Mmegi

Name of the Journalist : Patricia Edwin

Country: Botswana

Date : 02 August 2012

Skills : Fairness

Theme : child abuse, crime , gender violence

Genre : News

Gem Classification : Gender aware

Description : The High Court has set aside a matter in which Ozathi Makhaya allegedly engaged in sexual relations with his step daughter from the time she was nine years old in 2002 until she was 16 in 2009. Makhaya allegedly committed the offences in Francistown and Shsshemooke. The case was placed before the high court   for sentencing as the principal magistrate who presided over it bowed out , saying it was out of his jurisdiction because the matter called for more than 20 imprisonment. Justice Gaopalelwe Ketlogetswe of the High Court said yesterdaythat before sentencing the accused , he needed to determine whether the case was rightfully placed before him by establishing whether the magistrate indeed have jurisdiction to decide it whether the matter was rape or defilement .

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