Woman fights disability

Date: June 7, 2011
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One of her neighbours describes Nkgaswe as a cheerful person who likes being surrounded by people, and her brother who stays in Gaborone also knows his sister to be strong willed and self reliant.He visits his sister every chance he gets because she stays alone alone as their aunts seldom checks on her. The brother further says if he could he would stay with her but the uncertainty of his job does not allow for him to take care of her.He does not have a permanent job as he is empolyed on contract,which requires him a job -hop and travel a lot. He adds that he has to work hard to at least provide for both of them.But what worries him most is that their relatives are constantly in a tussle with her over the plot that belongs to her late grndmother, who was her guardian.

Download : At firs glance, the yard looks deserted but the two roomed house in the plot is filled with a lot of life,an individual so tiny yet larger than life

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