Womans chopped body found in pit

Date: August 16, 2012
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Name of the article : Womans chopped body found in pit

Name of the publication : Mid week sun

Name of journalist : Shingirai Madondo

Date : 08082012

Skills : sources

Theme : gender violence, crime

Genre : News

Gem classification : Gender aware

Description : In a spine chilling incident that has left residents of the small village of Semotswane(near Tonota) speaking in hushed tones, a man chopped his lover and a mother to his 14 months old child into pieces and then burn the body beyond recognition.
The 20 year old man who later committed suicide inside his bedroom is said to have dumped the body pieces into a pit in the backyard of his parents home and set them alight.
Sources said it took the womans family six days to discover what had happened on the early hours of July 28 following a heated argument between the two lovers over an undisclosed matter.

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