GBV Indicators Study – Limpopo Province, South Africa


Limpopo Province Gender Based Violence  Study

South Africa




More than two thirds of women (77%) in Limpopo have experienced some form of gender-based violence in their lifetime, including partner and nonpartner violence. About half of men, (48%) admit to perpetrating GBV at least once in their lifetime.

Most of the violence occurs within intimate relationships and is predominantly emotional – a form not usually addressed. Thirty one percent of the women experienced emotional violence while more than a third of men (36%) perpetrated emotional Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in their lifetime. Women experience and men perpetrate other forms of intimate violence including physical, sexual and economic violence. Almost a quarter of women (23%) and a quarter (25%) of men reported physical IPV experience and perpetration respectively. Thirteen percent of women and 14% of men reported economic IPV experience and perpetration respectively. Seven percent of women experienced and 12% of men perpetrated sexual IPV. One in every five women (21%) reported abuse during at least one of their pregnancies. In the majority of cases, women and men reported multiple incidents of physical or sexual IPV.

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ISBN 978-1-920550-65-3
Publisher Gender Links
Year of publication 2013

Authors; editor

Authors: Mercilene Machisa and Linda Musariri
Editor: Danny Glenwright and Kubi Rama


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