SABC 1: Generations the Legacy 5/12/2018

Date: December 5, 2018
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Blatant stereotype

Story Channel Classification
Generations: The Legacy
(5 December 2018) SABC 1 Blatant stereotype

The episodes centres on conflict and tensions between characters. Women are portrayed as insecure, indecisive and conniving. As with other episodes, the male voice is dominant in the episode.
One particular example is when a character named Zitha confronts her ex-lover, Tau for sabotaging her relationship with her new boyfriend, Smanga. During the confrontation, Tau uses profane language to describe Zitha and accuses her of attempting to manipulate Smanga and calls her a “bitch”.
The use of language in this scene portrays the woman as conniving and hazardous to the man, Smanga. She is made to appear at fault while the man is portrayed as innocent. The confrontation paints a picture of Zitha as being clingy, secretive and controlling in order to have her way. The woman in vilified while the man is portrayed as a victim.
The story highlights the following
● Reinforces stereotypes that Men are dominant
● Women cannot fend for themselves
Zitha walks into Tau’s office to tell him to stay out of her relationship with Smanga, but Tau feels entitled to intervene. Tau ends up insulting Zitha which was unnecessary. It promotes the stereotype of making it ok for a man to disrespect a woman and implicitly condones this behaviour. The language he uses towards Zitha is unnecessarily disrespectful. As much as Zitha tried to address that he should stop meddling in her private life, he still refuses to hear her and sees nothing wrong with it. Tau could have just stated his reasons for intervening in her life in a calm and respectable manner and apologised for it.

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