Zambia: Legal Review Age of consent Zambia

The legal review focuses on the laws and policy support around the Age of Consent in relation to the various aspects relating to SRHR. Download the resource

January 27, 2018

Botswana: Legal Review Age of Consent

The review looks at how legal restrictions on age affect adolescents’ access to SRHR. Download the resource

January 13, 2018

Zambia: SRHR UNFPA Report in Zambia 2017

Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Zambia. Reporting on progress, gaps, and existing challenges in SRHR. Download the resource

June 14, 2017

Madagascar: General rules on health, reproductive health and family planning 2017

Reproductive Health is an important component of general health, which makes it a precondition for social, economic and social progress. Download the resource  

May 14, 2017

Madagascar: Advocacy Statement on SRHR 2017

Aims to provide rights-based, government-endorsed comprehensive sexual health education to high school students throughout Madagascar. Download the resource

March 14, 2017

Malawi: National SRHR Policy 2017-2022

Provides a framework for provision of accessible, acceptable and affordable, comprehensive SRHR services to all women, men, and young people of Malawi through informed choice to enable them attain their […]

January 14, 2017

Mozambique: Harmonization of ASRHR legal environment

A review of the legal environment for Adolescent ASRHR, with a view of creating common standards across the SADC region in relation to the specific matters of adolescent sexual and […]

February 14, 2016

Lesotho: A critique of selective abortion laws 2015

This article normatively argues that the two clauses in the Penal Code that allow selective abortion to take place in Lesotho commit the fallacy of inconsistency because it treats the […]

November 6, 2015

South Africa: National Adolescent SRHR Framework 2014

The framework serves as an action guide paving the way towards addressing the gaps and challenges that adolescents are faced with to fully realize their sexual and reproductive health and […]

February 19, 2015

Angola: WHO cooperation strategy 2015-2019

Strategy aimed at  improving access to medicines and other medical products; the definition of mechanisms for health financing; the update of the National Health Accounts; as well as to address […]

February 12, 2015

Mozambique: Health sector strategic plan 2014-2019

Outlines implementation strategies to promote ongoing and sustained improvements to the health status of the Mozambican people while taking into account the challenges associated with current demographic and epidemiologic change. […]

May 14, 2014

Democratic Republic of Congo: Family Planning 2014

Workshop report on family planning indicators. Download the resource

April 14, 2014