Maternal health

Zambia: Demographic and Health Survey, 2018

Demographic and health indicator data for Zambia 2018. Download the resource

January 1, 2020

Namibia: UNFPA MIC Policy Brief, 2019

Policy brief also shows data on various SRHR indicators for Namibia. Download the resource

May 17, 2019

Zimbabwe: Abridged Transitional Stabilisation programme, 2018-2020

An economic programme put in place to stabilise  and drive the Zimbabwean economy towards a middle-class economy by 2030. In the health sector, the programme targets to improve the quality […]

May 17, 2018

South African: National Integrated SRHR Policy 2018

To provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive services in an equitable and rights based approach, in order to achieve health for all citizens of South Africa. Download the resource

March 13, 2018

Zimbabwe: Legal Review Age of Consent 2018

The legal review focuses on the laws and policy support around the Age of Consent in relation to SRHR. Download the resource

January 27, 2018

Tanzania: National Health Policy, 2017

Gives more attention to the quality of health services in tandem with the pursuit of universal access through ensuring that government policies, legislation, strategies, institutions and programmes enable the consistent implementation […]

May 17, 2017

Seychelles: National Health Strategic Plan

Gives direction, sets milestones and proposes the appropriate goals to guide and optimize this investment in health. Download the resource

November 1, 2016

Zimbabwe: National Family Planning Strategy 2016-2020

The strategy guides the provision of quality integrated family planning services within the framework of SRHR to Zimbabweans. Download the resource

September 9, 2016

DRC: Plan stratégique national de planification familiale (PF), 2014-2020

National Strategic Family Planning Plan(PF) shows family Planning interventions for the DRC. Download the resource

May 1, 2014

South Africa: National Contraception and Family Planning Policy Service Delivery Guidelines,

The guidelines work together with the National Contraception guidelines to address both contraceptive and fertility planning. Download the resource

December 17, 2012

Seychelles: SRHR Policy 2012

Draws together the key strategies through which the reproductive health of the population will improve. Download the resource

January 13, 2012

South Africa: SRHR Fulfilling our commitments 2011-2021

Brings together the existing laws, policies and guidelines affecting sexual and reproductive health and rights services. Download the resource

June 13, 2011