South Africa

South Africa: Domestic Violence Amendment Bill, 2020

Seeks to amend the Domestic Violence Act 1998 so as to regulate certain definitions and enhance social protection of victims of domestic violence. Download the resource

March 17, 2020

South Africa: Prescription in Civil and Criminal Matters Sexual Offences, 2019

To amend the Prescription Act, 1969, so as to extend the list of sexual offences in respect of which prescription does not commence to run under certain circumstances regarding a […]

November 22, 2019

South Africa: Sanitary Dignity Policy Framework, 2019

A policy framework that aims to promote sanitary dignity and products to indigent persons. Download the resource

June 13, 2019

South Africa: Civil Union Amendment Bill, 2018

The Act extends recognition of marriage rights to same-sex partners and gives same-sex partners the right to enter into a civil partnership known as a civil union. Download the resource

May 17, 2018

South African: National Integrated SRHR Policy 2018

To provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive services in an equitable and rights based approach, in order to achieve health for all citizens of South Africa. Download the resource

March 13, 2018

South Africa: Draft policy on the management of learner pregnancy in schools 2018

Draft policy on the management of learner pregnancy in schools. Learner pregnancy compromises the planned elimination of gender disparities in education with implications for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of universal […]

February 23, 2018

South Africa: The Traditional Courts Bill, 2017

Seeks to harmonise the functioning of traditional courts with constitutional imperatives. Download the resource

May 1, 2017

South Africa: National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs 2017-2022

The NSP outlines the strategic framework for a multi-sectoral partnership to further accelerate progress in reducing the morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) associated with HIV, TB and STIs in South […]

February 15, 2017

South Africa: National Adolescent SRHR Framework 2014

The framework serves as an action guide paving the way towards addressing the gaps and challenges that adolescents are faced with to fully realize their sexual and reproductive health and […]

February 19, 2015

South Africa: Programme Action On VAWC 2013-2018

It provides comprehensive, multi-sectoral and long-term strategic interventions, emphasising government accountability, for intensifying and accelerating efforts to prevent acts of VAWC, to investigate such acts when they occur and prosecute […]

August 12, 2014

South Africa: Trafficking in Person Act 2013

The Act provides for offences associated with trafficking in persons. Download the resource

July 28, 2013

South Africa: National Contraception and Family Planning Policy Service Delivery Guidelines,

The guidelines work together with the National Contraception guidelines to address both contraceptive and fertility planning. Download the resource

December 17, 2012