PHOLA aims to provide culturally appropriate mobile trauma counselling and psychosocial services to children, women and families that are catalytic in enabling those affected to become leaders in bringing about social change on matters that affect them.

The O.U.T.T.R.A.G.E.D methodology is a non-judgmental & non-blaming intervention that takes men & boys through sessions to change their behavior & attitudes for the prevention of GBV-F. It invites men to examine, discuss & explore the effects of patriarchy, male dominance, and harmful masculinity. Eighty men will be recruited (40 for each year) & supported to complete the sessions. Each man who completes the intervention will be supported to run a GBV awareness initiative to reach at least thirty (30) other men in their respective communities. The 2400 men reached will also be asked and encouraged to reach other men for GBV prevention.