Swaziland MAP Policies

Swaziland MAP Policies

Date: February 18, 2010
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The MAP policy roll out process in Swaziland, like Lesotho was relatively rapid owing in part to the concentration of the targeted media houses in two key cities of Manzini and Mbabane and the relative openness of the media to drafting and adopting the HIV and AIDS policies. Some of the media houses had already drafted Wellness policies of one form or another but these focused more on the work place and were relatively silent on editorial and marketing and advertising. MAP had an initial target of seven media houses but managed to work with six of them. The six media houses have adopted their policies while the remaining media house, Swazi TV worked with the Swaziland Business Coalition Against AIDS in drafting its policy.

The policies for the Swazi media houses are attached below.

Download : Channel Swazi TV Gender Aware HIV and AIDS policy
Download : Lubombo Multimedia Gender Aware HIV and AIDS policy
Download : SBIS Gender Aware HIV and AIDS policy
Download : Swazi Observer Wellness Policy

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