Zimbabwe: Wayne Dawara

Zimbabwe: Wayne Dawara

“As an outgoing Junior Council Chairperson, I look forward to continue working with Council and Gender Links after my term of office is over. The youth, just like adults, have a role to play in changing the lives of community members” “I never knew the difference between sex and gender until I met Gender Links. […]

Climate Change, COVID- 19 double impact on farmers

Climate Change, COVID- 19 double impact on farmers

By Majara Molupe, Maseru, 13 July: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says farmers in Lesotho have to cope with drought, rising temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events. As the changing climate forces more people to migrate, new conflicts are being triggered. Small – scale farmers feel more pinch of the changing climatic conditions […]

Mauritius: Noelette Simirone

May 22, 2020 Themes: Agriculture | Entrepreneurship Programs: Entrepreneurship

Zimbabwe : Bulawayo urges youth to go farming

The Bulawayo City Council’s Vocational Training Program for school leavers has different disciplines that are relevant to today’s economy where the community is trained, including urban agriculture on which I will dwell on as a good practice for food security and self-employment as major goals at Mabutweni Scientific Garden. This project started in October 2017 […]

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Name of good practice (e.g. Women in Curepipe, Mauritius, roll back climate change) VOHOKA ALOHA LOATRA Country Madagascar Category Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights – including Gender Based Violence, HIV and AIDS, and Youth Engagement

May 28, 2019 Themes: Agriculture Programs: Gender & Governance

Malawi: Putting MGDS III Under gender microscope

Malawi: Putting MGDS III Under gender microscope

By: Dyson Mthawanji Malawi: Last year, Malawi launched the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III (MGDS III). When government distributed the signed 215-page book to all who attended the launch ceremony, everyone rushed to the office or home and peruse the pages mainly the chapters they were interested in. MGDS III is a national development […]

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Zimbabwe: Mildred Mango

“Gender Links (GL) came into my life at a time when I had lost hope with life. Before joining GL I had stress to the extent of having suicidal thoughts. I now have hope and confidence for a better life. I now have peace of mind,” Mildred Mango. “The year 2016 came as a relief […]

September 20, 2018 Themes: Agriculture | Business | Drivers of Change | Economics Programs: Protocol @ work

Zambia: Katete District Council Promotes Advocacy for Gender Equality

This is a project that is ensuring that all activities in the district are gender aware in all aspects. this includes all the departments in the district as they have to make gender aware plans so as to attain the equality that is desirable. All the activities done in the district are well integrated so […]

September 6, 2018 Themes: Agriculture | Environment Programs: Protocol @ work

Swaziland: Climate Smart Agriculture, under SWADE promotes permaculture as a way of generating income

Climate Smart Agriculture, under SWADE promotes permaculture as a way of generating income and mitigating the effects of climate change on the agricultural sector in the Lowveld of Swaziland. Climate Smart Agriculture works with farmers in the lowveld of Swaziland to show them alternative ways for farming. They encourage farmers to move from sustenance farming […]

September 6, 2018 Themes: Agriculture | Climate change Programs: Protocol @ work

LESOTHO: Neo Mahase

“Determination is what made me who I am today” Councillor Neo Mahase was born and bred in Thabana-Morena Ha Leboto in the Mafeteng district where most people know it as a district of lots of fighting’s amongst Sesotho musicians. Clouncillor Neo also calls himself as a rural boy. He grew up there and he is […]

September 5, 2018 Themes: Agriculture | Drivers of Change | Employment Programs: Protocol @ work