Climate Change

Mauritius: Jean Hugues Gardenne

Jean Hugues Gardenne is the Fundraising and Communications Manager working at the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit conservation agency working in Mauritius to save threatened endemic local flora and fauna. The Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund was established in 1984 under the initiative of naturalist Gerald Durrell and the Jersey […]

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Mauritius: The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is a non-governmental organisation which implements projects on plant conservation and habitat restoration both in Mauritius and Rodrigues. It is primarily concerned about the conservation and preservation of endemic plants and animal species (birds, reptiles etc). The ecosystem is being destroyed due to urbanisation. Only 1.5 % of the Mauritian land […]

Mauritius: Island Bio- Food justice and poverty alleviation through a community garden.

Rising poverty, a Mauritius ranked as the African country with the highest rate of pesticide-related cancers, healthy products that seem to be reserved for an elite; all of the worrying factors that pushed Oliver, then 24, to climb the Island Bio project in 2015. Very quickly, he is joined by Cloé Chavry – 19 years […]

Mauritius: Falcon Citizen League – FALCON PEAS MODEL FARM helping to empower people at grassroot level

Falcon Citizen League is a NGO operating in Mauritius since 2004 and its aim is to provide a solution for natural farming. The project is geared towards mitigating the problem of climate change by encouraging young farmers, women farmers, planters and other person interested in the agro-industry towards sustainable development. The objectives of the project […]

Zimbabwe – Kadoma City Council

Kadoma City has constructed a sanitary landfill that will house all the waste combined from the Kadoma urban area. The landfill has been designed in a way that will prevent air, land, surface water and underground water pollution. Gasses, mainly methane and carbon dioxide, are produce through anaerobic degradation of organic wastes by microbes within […]

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Mainstreaming gender in climatic change and sustainable development is a practice that has been well received by management and policy makers for Chinhoyi Municipality. As a Council we are mandated to maintain and improve the community’s well-being and have been proactive on environmental issues, cautiously making informed decisions in a way that does not compromise […]

July 26, 2018 Themes: Climate Change Programs: Protocol @ work

Zimbabwe: Manyame RDC – Roll Back Climate Change

The villagers in Seke district had over 3 000 households who had suffered from lack of clean water supply and sanitation. The schools and the community at large had undergone some of the unheard human miseries due to unreliable rainfalls and droughts. Most of the rivers in the area were seasonal, an indication that there […]

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Zimbabwe:Chegutu Municipality – Acting Locally and Thinking Globally Through Solar Energy Harvesting -A Panacea to Climate Change

Chegutu Municipality embracing the use of solar energy in piped water schemes to improve access its’ access to the residents. The use of solar energy to provide piped water supply to the residents was brought about as a result of erratic water supply as a result of pump faults and power shortages from the main […]

July 18, 2018 Themes: Climate change | Climate Change Programs: Protocol @ work

Zimbabwe: – Community Technology Development Organisation – Roll Back Climate Change

Umguza Rural District Council (Umguza RDC) worked with Community Technology Development Organisation (CTDO) in building community resilience from shocks and hazards through crop and livelihood diversification. The project was supported by donor communities under Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF) code named Matebeleland Enhanced Livelihood And Nutrition Adaptation (MELANA) and it targeted the vulnerable rural members […]

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Zimbabwe: Gokwe Town Council – Community Education on Climate Change

Gokwe Town Council did not have an approved land fill and the Town was practicing crude tipping. The community based health club, Ziso Rehutano, had embarked on a plastic recycling project. That managed to reduce amounts of greenhouse gases that were released into the atmosphere and resulted in ozone depletion and global warming. The recycling […]

July 18, 2018 Themes: Climate change | Climate Change Programs: Protocol @ work