Climate Change

Zimbabwe: Goromonzi Rural District Council – Tree Planting, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

There was much debate on the issue of climate change and its causes. Many argued on whether it was a natural cycle, man-made or both. There were clear signs that the climate was changing. Climate change is a global predicament hence there is need to devise sustainable measures and practices to alleviate or mitigate this […]

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Zimbabwe: Murewa RDC – Greening Murewa-restoration of the carbon sink

Over the past five years, council embarked on an ambitious district- wide afforestation and reforestation programme. The initiative was construed as a way to militate against the debilitating effects of deforestation. The wanton cutting down of trees throughout the thirty administrative wards was observed as a direct effect of socio-economic challenges and general lack of […]

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Zimbabwe: Municipality of Gwanda: Compliant Landfill

The project promoted behaviour change, hence encouraging waste recycling and reuse. It helped to reduce environmental pollution and underground water contamination. The project helped in the creation of self employment through waste recycling and reuse. The project intended to dump waste in an environmentally friendly way. Through the above objective, Gwanda Municipality would promote waste […]

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Zimbabwe: Nyanga Rural District Council – Waste Management Climate Change

Nyanga RDC embarked on solid waste management to improve on a solid waste which was a problem. Litter was being thrown everywhere including backyard of residential accommodation, the streets and open spaces. That posed health risks and promoted proliferation of disease vectors such as flies, cockroaches and rodents that posed dangers to humans. Solid wastes […]

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Zimbabwe: Beitbridge Town Council – Earthworm waste water treatment and recycling

The Earthworms Waste Water Treatment and Recycling a low energy and low cost waste water / sewage treatment technology using earthworms. The project was done in Beitbridge Town Council’s Ward 4 where 9 houses that were situated below the existing trunk sewer line could not be connected to the system since 1998.The technology was for […]

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Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe:City of Kadoma Mitigating climate change through tree planting

The project focused on the City of Kadoma’s support and implementation programmes in conservation of natural resources in order to beautify and drive towards the Green Cities concept. City of Kadoma found it prudent to raise climate change action through tree planting throughout the year. The council targeted major events and conferences/workshops, national tree planting […]

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Zimbabwe: City of Bulawayo – Mitigating Climate Change through Education and Awareness

Education and awareness has positive effects on the fight against climate change. Firstly, it impacts individuals’ general perception of the issue, and secondly, it determines how they develop the necessary solutions and innovations to overcome climate change. It is important to educate on climate change. This solidifies the importance of ensuring that the information shared […]

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Africa Renewal: United Nations Department of Public Information

Africa Renewal May – July 2017 Global economy gravity pulling toward Africa is examined in this issue of Africa Renewal. The special feature is on saving our oceans – the threat of plastic as well as climate change. There are also articles on Africa’s digital rise and the internet. August – November 2017 The special […]

Africa in Fact: Looking East: The Asian model

This edition of Africa in Fact questions whether the Asian model can be transposed onto Africa. GGA promotes good governance in Africa and Africa in Fact publishes articles from writers across the continent. As Africa reduces its dependence on aid and foreign direct investment continues to flood in, Asian economies look attractive. They top the […]

Water ‘Is a Game Changer in Woman’s Life’

By Abela Msikula According to the Integrated Labour Force Survey 2014, five households out of 10, equivalent to 54.6 percent in Tanzania mainland reach water services within 400 meters and 11.2 percent are forced to walk over two kilometres in search of the service. Women and girls have been mentioned as victims of the situation, […]

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