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African Protocol on Rights of Women

The Protocol on the Rights of Women requires African governments to remove all forms of discrimination and violence against women and to promote equality between men and women. The Protocol […]

Principles for Governing the Internet: A Comparative Analysis

Part of the UNESCO Series on Internet Freedom There are a large number of internet governance guidelines and declarations. This publication is  a review of these documents. UNESCO has a […]

Tilting the Balance of Power – Adjudicating the the RTI Act

This is an analysis of the orders of the Supreme Court and relates to the Right to Information Act in India. It also covers decisions of information commissions and what […]

SABC 3: Isidingo- The Need Ep 201 21/12/2018

Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi Name of Television station: SABC 3 Name of programme: Isidingo –The Need Date of broadcast: 21/12/2018  Genre: Drama Series Episode: 201 Time: Time of broadcast: 19:00:19:30 GBV focus: GBV Gem Classification:  Gender […]

Tilting the Balance of Power

Tilting the Balance of Power is an analysis of orders of courts re India’s Right to Information Act. The publication adjudicates the RTI Act for the oppressed and the marginalised. […]

SADC Gender Protocol Barometer 2018

The tenth edition of the SADC Gender Protocol Barometer published in August, the eve of Women’s Day. “For every step forward on gender equality we have witnessed a step backwards,” noted GL […]

SABC 3: Advocate Shamila Batoli appointed as new NDPP head – 04/12/2018

Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi Name of Television station: SABC 3 Name of programme: News @ 9 Date of broadcast: 04/12/2018 Genre: News Time: Time of broadcast: 21:00:21:30 GBV focus: […]

Madagascar:BLE Velosoa Julien Victore

“Fanamafisana ny ezaka efa vita entina hanatratrarana ny tanjona napetraky    ny fanjakana ho amin’ny filaminana sy fandriam-pahalemana ary famongorana ny herisetra mianjady amin’ny mpiara-belona indrindra fa ny  vehivavy, Polisim-pirenena malagasy […]

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Mauritius, Association Kinouete – Empowering teenage girls in conflict with the law for a fruitful development.

The project is geared towards facilitating the process of rehabilitation and re integration of teenage girls from rehabilitation youth centre and correctional youth centre. Kinouété believes that each detainee is […]

The Urgent Action Sister Funds

The Urgent Action Sister Funds is a consortium of women’ s funds. Separate funds exist for Latin America and Africa. These funds are for women’s human rights. They also share a […]