Economic violence

Priya’s story from Safe Haven Halfway Home

“Although I sometimes feel low, I look in the mirror and remind myself not to give up.” My name is Priya and I am 20 years old. I came to Safe Haven Halfway Home in September 2019 after suffering physical and mental abuse from my relatives. I was five years old when my mother became […]

Enhancing women’s economic power key

Enhancing women’s economic power key

By Kevin Chiramba, Following the first ever GBV summit in Southern Africa in 2018, and the nationwide campaigns in South Africa led by the #TotalShutDown, #MyBodyNotYourCrimeScene, and #24Demands campaigns, civil society organisations presented suggested amendments to parliament linked to specific policies and laws. Key among them was the request to develop a National Strategic Plan […]

Three Years of Safe Haven

Three Years of Safe Haven ‘Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time’ – Ruth Bader Ginsburg Background Since its inception in September 2017, Gender Links Safe Haven Halfway Home (SHHH) has been a refuge for 69 residents coming from different socio-economic backgrounds and having known numerous types of violence throughout their lifetime […]

I story COVID -19 in the streets on Dar es Salaam

I story  COVID -19 in the streets on Dar es Salaam

By JAMES KAMALA. Dar es Salaam, 02 June: One rainy morning, I boarded a bus to go looking for stories on  he outskirts of Dar es Salaam as I usually do. To update myself with what dominates the headlines, I was busy surfing the morning news when a woman with a baby entered the same […]

How COVID 19 has changed my life in 4 weeks

How COVID 19 has changed my life in 4 weeks

It is puzzling how only a few weeks ago (March 2020), life was normal. Now everything has flipped over because of the corona virus disease (COVID-19). When the year 2020 started, I had dreams and hopes. But all these have vanished into thin air and have been replaced with anxiety and hopelessness. You see, I […]

April 13, 2020 Themes: Business Unusual | Disaster | Economic violence | GBV Programs: Opinion

My power taken away

I was married for 18 years. My first child was born in 1991 and the second one in 1995. I stayed with my in-laws from 1988 until 1998. I was treated like a child, and my husband would give his mother money to buy me clothes. I never knew even a mare R50 from my […]

Treated bad because of my background

My name is Precious . I am 35 years old. In 1999 I started dating and I was clueless about dating, I was 18 years and I fell pregnant by the boy I was in love with. I was not ready to be a mother and the boyfriend’s family did not really like me nor […]

November 4, 2019 Themes: Economic violence | Gender based violence Programs: Gender & Governance

My life, my journey. My tears, my strength. Life is exciting yet so cruel.

My name is Mrosa*. I was raised by a single mother together with my four brothers and a sister. My mother had to work hard for us and far away from home in order to put food on the table. She would visit after 3 months. My brothers were barely home most of the time. […]

Is emotional abuse not abuse

My Name is Kedibone* I got married to my husband in 1995 and in 1997 we had our first child this is when he started to abuse me.  He was a very jealous man. When I went to work, he would follow me to make sure I am at work. He used to swear at […]

I continue to live in fear

My name is Nomsa. I stay Ga-Mashashane, Mohlonong. I was married in the Mabotja family from 2007. Things were fine between me and my husband until 2013. In 2013 he started drinking and abusing me physically. He would come home and beat me up after drinking. I had to run to the police station trying […]