Emotional violence

Zimbabwe: A chain of restrictions that shattered my career

My name is Tafadzwa* I am the first born in a family of seven that is four girls and three boys. I grew up in a Christian family that guarded jealously the Christian values. My father was an ordained Catholic priest and he taught Christian values to his children and expects them to live according […]

October 10, 2019 Themes: Emotional violence | Gender based violence Programs: Gender Justice

Zimbabwe: The mysterious death of my husband tortured me emotionally

My name is Vee* I got married in December 1980. I lived happily with my husband and God blessed our marriage with four children. My husband was a soldier and we were living a decent life. Unfortunately, my husband’s life was cut short and his death marked the genesis of the challenges that I am […]

October 10, 2019 Themes: Emotional violence Programs: Gender Justice

The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The SAFE HAVEN HALFWAY HOME (SHHH) is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. ABOUT US  September 2017, Gender Links Mauritius opened the first halfway home in Mauritius called Safe Haven. A Halfway Home is a place that serves as a residence for people in need; providing them with […]

Zimbabwe: Deflowered and rejected

I first fell in love during my first year in secondary school but lost my virginity four years later to the same boyfriend. He did not force me but I had only accepted with the condition of never returning to my parents’ place. We then started staying as husband and wife and for four years […]

Zimbabwe: Peter* messed my life

I got pregnant while still going to school and that forced me to abandon my formal education prematurely. My parents sent me away from home and I was left with no choice but to head to my boyfriend’s place. He accepted me since he knew that he had forced me into having unprotected sex with […]

Zimbabwe: My whole life is a mess

I lost my virginity at thirteen to a man who was aged nineteen in Mutare, Manicaland Province. He later became my first husband and had one child from that marriage. He was very abusive, a drunkard and would sleep out anytime. He would not tolerate being asked where he would have spent the night. He […]

Zimbabwe: The suffering I had from my husband

We stayed in the farming area of Mhangura, Mashonaland West Province together with my family. My husband, Farai*, never paid anything to my parents but was very abusive. I had last seen my mother in 2005 till when I paid a visit to Buhera, Manicaland Province, in 2014. When I visited my birth place in […]

Zimbabwe: Regretting my second marriage

I had been happily married and had four children, two daughters and two sons, before my first husband died in a road traffic accident. I was depending on my late husband for everything that we needed in our lives. My late husband had been very supportive and had instructed me to be a full time […]

Zimbabwe: Messed my life because of true love

I wish I was a Roman Catholic nun because of the abuse I encountered during my marriage. I was happily married to Newman*, owned three grocery shops and a productive farm land in Mashonaland West. Everything went on well till Newman* started dating my younger sister, Chipo*, whom we had employed to work in one […]

October 10, 2019 Themes: Emotional violence | Gender based violence Programs: Gender Justice

Zimbabwe: The open prison I live in

I have never enjoyed my marriage as my abusive and drunkard husband always want things done his way. He also spends any money that comes our way very recklessly. He neither buys food nor clothes for the family but always brags that he has lots of money to spend. At times I even come across […]

October 10, 2019 Themes: Emotional violence | Gender based violence Programs: Gender Justice