SADC Gender Protocol Barometer 2019

The 2019 SADC Gender Protocol Barometer breaks with past tradition in focusing solely on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Measuring 100 indicators across seven themes, the Barometer is the first civil society shadow report on SADC’s new SRHR Strategy Score Card, ranking countries based on their performance, while offering detailed analysis and insights into […]

Millenium Development Goals: Gender Chart 2015

A chart depicting the gains of those MDGs that are linked to gender such as the elimination of poverty and hunger and universal primary education.

Audit of SRHR Laws and Policies in SADC

This audit provides a picture of the region with its diverse legislative and policy landscape. There are strong legislative frameworks with regard to Gender-based violence (GBV) and HIV but GBV remains at crisis level. Current strategies are not working. HIV policies are out of date. In other areas such as abortion, child marriages and decriminalising […]

Blending HIV & SRHR: An integration toolkit

This toolkit contains sessions and modules on reproductive choices, child marriage, SRHR-HIV integration, adolescent and child sexuality as well as disability and sexuality. It also covers Sexual orientation and Gender identity (SOGI) with modules on sexual abuse and gender based violence, religion and abortion.

State of Women in SADC 2019 Report

According to the 2019 State of Women in SADC Barometer report the Southern Africa Gender and Development Index (SGDI) stood at 60%, just one percentage point higher than 2018. The SGDI is based on 39 indicators that include constitutions and laws; political participation; education; economic empowerment; sexual and reproductive health and rights; GBV; HIV and […]

Lesotho: Female condom low demand widens inequality

Lesotho: Female condom low demand widens inequality

Matiisetso Mosala Maseru, 1 December: Cultural norms have dictated that women shy away from acts that expose their sexual desires. Women in Lesotho are frowned at if found carrying condoms on them. This exposes them to unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and further elevates their risk of contracting HIV. The female condom, known as femidom, […]

December 2, 2019 Themes: HIV/AIDS Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Zim: Raped by my father and tested HIV Positive

Zim: Raped by my father and tested HIV Positive

By Faith N Tori Matabeland North-Zimbabwe “My mother watched helplessly as my father coerced me in his sexual advances ,take off your clothes now he would aggressively demand .l will chop off your head with that spear(pointing to the spear which lay next to my mother),said Ntando. Ntando 21, (not her real name) is a […]

December 2, 2019 Themes: Gender based violence | HIV/AIDS Programs: 16 Days of Activism Campaigns

SAfAIDS Statement on International Men’s Day

SAfAIDS Statement on International Men’s Day

“International Men’s Day is designed to promote positive role models in society and develop wholesome individuals. When we make investments towards promoting individual and collective development of key groups in our respective communities, including men and boys, we are able to effectively address key challenges including high incidence of HIV infection, reproductive health challenges, sexual […]

November 19, 2019 Themes: Gender equality | HIV/AIDS Programs: Gender & Governance | Gender and governance | News

The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The SAFE HAVEN HALFWAY HOME (SHHH) is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. September 2017, Gender Links Mauritius opened the first halfway home in Mauritius called Safe Haven. A Halfway Home is a place that serves as a residence for people in need; providing them with the necessary skills […]

Savanne District Council COE

Fact file Country Mauritius Province/Region Savanne Baseline score  – 2015 Latest score – 2019 Population 70,575 Number of women councillors  33 Number of men councillors  120 Joined the COE programme  2013 Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  Yes Summit 2019 Savanne is a district of Mauritius, situated in the south of the island. The district has an area […]