Human Rights

Media and good governance

UNESCO has decided to pay tribute to the critical role played by the media in promoting democracy and good governance by choosing ‘Media and Good Governance’ as the key theme for this year’s celebration of World Press Freedom Day. Can one seriously speak of “goodÀ governance while a relentless assault on freedom of expression takes place in country after country? As Aidan White of the International Federation of Journalists points out, this freedom is under increasing threat even in the most democratic states. This is not because of good legal and constitutional protection À“ nothing could be clearer than Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights À“ but because of the lack of rulers and administrators who lack the courage or vision to respect these rights and seek to apply them to our everyday lives.

Making a statement: A review of charges and prosecutions for gender based crimes before the International Criminal Court

This publication is a collection of statements and
commentaries written by the Women’s Initiatives for Gender
Justice since 2005 in response to the opening of investigations,
the unsealing of warrants of arrest and the announcing of charges
brought by the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) in each of the
situations and cases before the International Criminal Court.
Making a Statement Second Edition reviews the record of the OTP
until February 2010 in investigating violence against women
and charging gender-based crimes. The choice of situations, the
identification of crimes, the selection and framing of charges
by the Office of the Prosecutor also make a statement about the
priorities of the Office and the policy and strategic framework
currently guiding its investigations and prosecutions.

Heartlines 8 films – 8 values

HEARTLINES launched eight TV drama films to start a national conversation about values À“ these were screened on all three SABC channels and have won numerous global TV & film awards. HEARTLINES has developed television and radio segments (across 11 official SA languages), which reflect actions people are taking to live good values in order to inspire further values-based action. This DVD focuses on eight themes which cover self control, acceptance, love, perseverance, compassion, honesty, grace as well as forgiveness.

May 28, 2012 Themes: Human Rights Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) | VHS

Women leading change for peace and human security

This is the 2007 Annual Report from the Isis – Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange which celebrates its achievements. Isis-Women’s International Cross-Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE) exists to promote justice and empowerment of women globally through documenting violations of women’s rights and facilitating the exchange of information and skills to strengthen women’s capacities, potential and visibility. It is based in Uganda.

A pocket of stability: Understanding Somaliland

This paper provides a comprehensive examination of Somaliland’s unusual development and current standing as a self-declared sovereign nation. Unlike Somalia, a state devastated by a perpetual twenty-year conflict, Somaliland boasts a growing civil society along with a relatively vibrant democracy and accountability to the Rule of Law. Since 1991, the region has become a pocket of security and stability, in absence of formal recognition, by creating government and societal institutions that strongly suit the values and needs of its people

Guide to the digital switchover

The digital switchover can safeguard human rights, including freedom of the media and the right to access information. If all parties involved in the process co-operate, including broadcasters, producers, resellers and consumer associations, the result is a media landscape that protects plurality of opinion and freedom of expression. Governments must believe that providing their citizens with pluralistic information can only strengthen their democracies. Well-informed people make well-informed decisions, which are the indispensable foundation that democracies can build upon. We already live in the digital age, a time in which we can create truly democratic cultures with participation by all members of society. This guide aims to offer practical help to those OSCE participating States where the switchover is the challenge of the coming years. The current version is an update of the guide published in 2009.

United Nations Trust fund to end violence against women: together for a better tomorrow

This booklet contains information about the United Nations trust fund to end violence against women which works to create a just world where women and girls are safe and free and are able to lead rewarding lives of dignity and equality. Today violence against women is a fact of life in communities and countries across the world, but tomorrow can be different. Details of the progress being made by the fund are outlined

United Nations trust fund to end violence against women : Annual Report 2011

The 2011 Annual Report of the United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women À“ reporting on the achievements of fifteen years working towards the building of a safer world for women and girls with support of UNDP, IDEA and other international non-governmental organizations.

UN Women Annual Report 2010 – 2011

The 2010 À“ 2011 annual report of the inaugural year of UN Women, part of a larger international drive to promote women’s rights with a foreword by the Secretary General of the United Nations

Declaration de l’APAI

The declaration of the Pan- African conference on access to information held in Cape Town 2011 À“ access to information is a human right