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The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The SAFE HAVEN HALFWAY HOME (SHHH) is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. September 2017, Gender Links Mauritius opened the first halfway home in Mauritius called Safe Haven. A Halfway Home is a place that serves as a residence for people in need; providing them with the necessary skills […]

Seychelles: Where are we on promoting LGBTI rights?

Seychelles: Where are we on promoting LGBTI rights?

By Laura Pillay May 17, 2016, International Day against Homophobia, was symbolic for LGBTI+ in Seychelles as the Republic of Seychelles joined the list of countries to decriminalise same sex acts, under the administration of former President James Michel. Prior to decriminalisation, Section 151 of the Penal Code banned same-sex intercourse between males, categorising it […]

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Angola: Activists welcome lifting of gay ban

Angola: Activists welcome lifting of gay ban

Johannesburg 30 January: The Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance welcomes the bold move by the parliament of Angola on 23 January to decriminalise same sex relations. “This is a victory not only for Angola, but for human rights in Southern Africa,” declared Emma Kaliya, Chair of the Alliance,  a network of 136 women’s rights organisations […]

Ending Child Marriage in Southern Africa

Seizing key opportunities for girls’ human rights in Southern Africa. This Human Rights Watch booklet examines what perpetuates child marriage. It also looks at the health and educational consequences of such marriages. It lists recommendations for SADC and national ministries of health and education.

ETV: Rhythm City Ep 2992 – 25/12/2018

Name of monitor: Mauwane Raophala Name of Television station: Etv Name of programme: Rhythm City Date of broadcast: Episode 2992, 25 December 2018 Time: 19h00 – 19h30 Genre: Drama series Theme: GBV / Domestic Violence GBV focus explicit or implicit? Implicit Gem Classification: Gender Blind Provide a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHTDbSK3BpI&t=106s If no link provide the artefact upload on dropbox     Brief description of […]

SABC 3: Isidingo- The Need Ep 201 21/12/2018

Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi Name of Television station: SABC 3 Name of programme: Isidingo –The Need Date of broadcast: 21/12/2018  Genre: Drama Series Episode: 201 Time: Time of broadcast: 19:00:19:30 GBV focus: GBV Gem Classification:  Gender Aware Theme: GBV, Crime and Violence Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11tjCZuxIEs Scene 1: 18:12 – 19:12 Scene 2: 21:10 – 22:57   Description This analysis looks at two […]

Mauritius, Association Kinouete – Empowering teenage girls in conflict with the law for a fruitful development.

The project is geared towards facilitating the process of rehabilitation and re integration of teenage girls from rehabilitation youth centre and correctional youth centre. Kinouété believes that each detainee is a person entitled to a second chance and capable of leading a successful life. Kinouété strives to be an example, a factor of change and […]

Lesotho: Domestic Violence Bill, hope to ending GBV

Lesotho: Domestic Violence Bill, hope to ending GBV

Maseru, 14 May: Lesotho is developing a Domestic Violence Bill 2018 in an endeavour to counter the rampant acts of Gender Based Violence (GBV) that have rocked the country. This comes after the previous bill was not enacted into law for many years. This bill has been discussed with relevant stakeholders including the Ministry of […]

Amarightza: Socio-economic justice for all- SEJA

Socio-economic justice for all Amarightza: Socio-economic justice for all is about human rights and responsibilities to each other. Amarightza covers the Bill of Rights in the South African Constitution. It is also aims to raise awareness of human rights. Finally, the goal is human dignity, equality, human rights and freedoms.

Changing Lives – Stories of Safe Haven Halfway Home Residents

Below are the stories of our residents : Dola* our first resident is 18 years old originally from Terre Rouge. At 13 she started smoking synthetic drugs and ran away from her home. She was locked in the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) (children prison), for one year and as soon as she got out, she […]