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Kasama Municipal Council COE

The Centres of Excellence for Gender mainstreaming in Local Government programme has enabled the Kasama municipal council to develop gender policies and action plans to mainstream gender to their operations

July 19, 2019 Themes: Local Government Programs: Centres of Excellence | Gender & Governance

Business brings my family back together!

It was 7 January 2014 when my husband got a car accident in his work place and passed on. We had three children with him, one being a girl and two boys. Two were at tertiary and the youngest doing form 4 at the time. Trouble started when I was accused of killing my husband. […]

July 12, 2019 Themes: Business | GBV | Gender equality | Local Government Programs: Gender & Governance

Botswana: Tonota Sub District Council

Tonota Sub-District Council has Ms. Mareledi Bantsi as the women commissioner and Mr Festus Diane as the gender focal person.Tonota Sub District Council has a five-year gender action plan that has been further reduced into annual action plans for each implementing year. The council also has a draft gender policy.The gender champion of the council […]

July 9, 2019 Themes: Local Government Programs: Protocol @ work

Botswana: Maun Administrative Authority

The council’s gender champion is Ms Kerileng Senwamadi and the gender focal person is Mr Obakeng Kheru. The council’s previous score was 50%.The Council is guided by National Policy on Gender and Council Strategic Plan (2018-2023) and the gender policies are championed by Sehithwa Service Coordinator and SACS. MAA has 28 councilors within its council, […]

July 9, 2019 Themes: Local Government Programs: Protocol @ work

Botswana:Hukuntsi Sub District Council

The gender committee has developed a gender policy statement that the management has approved and committed to. The council also has a gender action for 2019/2020 that has also been approved.Women make up 22% of the council’s political wing,16% of the management team and 65% of the council’s overall staff. In terms of non-traditional roles […]

July 9, 2019 Themes: Local Government Programs: Protocol @ work

Botswana: Lobatse Town Council

The Lobatse Town Council Gender champion is Mr Oganne Gontse who is the Deputy Town Clerk and its gender focal person is Mr Gerald Mahumba. Honourable Councillor Tiny Dinoko is the council’s woman commissioner.Lobatse Town Council doesn’t have a gender policy but gender mainstreaming activities are guided by government policies, acts and guidelines such as […]

July 9, 2019 Themes: Local Government Programs: Protocol @ work

Botswana:City of Francistown

The gender champion is Mr Badubi Lekang and the gender focal person is Mrs Natasha Maphane. 54% of council’s total staff are women. Women also represent 25% of the council seats and 39% of the council management. The gender committee was appointed in May 2016 and the council’s previous score was 50%. The council doesn’t […]

July 9, 2019 Themes: Local Government Programs: Protocol @ work

Zimbabwe: My humbleness has finally paid off

“Gender Links (GL) opened my eyes for I discarded the notion that there are jobs that can be done by males only and some by females only. I was taught that I can be my own boss,” gleefully said Evelyn.  Evelyn Mashonganyika is my name and I joined GL entrepreneurship programme in 2018. I have […]

Zimbabwe: Eggs business has changed my lifestyle

At first I thought that the abuse that I was facing was never going to end but with the training that I got from Gender Links all is now history. I am now sharing with others on how to prosper when running a business. I joined Gender Links (GL) in 2018 and the facilitators were […]

Zimbabwe: Norton- M. Matuvhunye (Manufacturing Tsotso stoves)

The Gender Links workshop that I attended at Chiedza Primary School in 2018 when I joined the project was an unforgettable event. The facilitators were very friendly, learning environment was also conducive and there was completely nothing one could ever complain about. The entire workshop was an eye opener to me in how a successful […]