Three Years of Safe Haven

Three Years of Safe Haven ‘Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time’ – Ruth Bader Ginsburg Background Since its inception in September 2017, Gender Links Safe Haven Halfway Home (SHHH) has been a refuge for 69 residents coming from different socio-economic backgrounds and having known numerous types of violence throughout their lifetime […]

Families suffering economically during lockdown

Families suffering economically during lockdown

By Fehizoro Rafalimanana Antananarivo, 5  May: The state emergency was declared on March 19, 2020 followed by a period of confinement of 15 days for two regions, after the announcement of the of the three imported cases of corona virus. With the majority of the Malagasy population being poor, several families are experiencing great difficulty […]

I story: Fighting poverty during lock down

I story: Fighting poverty during lock down

By Priscilla Bignoux Mauritius, 30 April: As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world. It is having tremendous economic impact on poor families and those belonging to the informal sector who now face great hardship. The temporary halt of professional activity has provoked a crisis with peculiar traits in that part […]

Street vendors feeling pinch of COVID- 19

Street vendors feeling pinch of COVID- 19

Gerard Molupe Maseru , 23 April: The deadly COVID- 19 is wreaking havoc globally and impacting negatively on the world economy. Major economies are suffering   while trying to save lives of their people from the contagious pandemic. The global economy is rapidly weakening. Lesotho like all other countries is also feeling the pinch of the […]

The 4th United Nations World Conference on Women: The Platform for Action: A Summary

This is a summary of a larger document and will discuss the main issues contained in the Platform for Action from Beijing 1995. The critical areas include women and poverty, violence against women. women and the media, human rights for women as well as the girl child.

Millenium Development Goals: Gender Chart 2015

A chart depicting the gains of those MDGs that are linked to gender such as the elimination of poverty and hunger and universal primary education.

The Millenium Development Goals Report 2015

The global mobilisation around the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) has produced the biggest anti-poverty movement in history. By putting people and their immediate needs in the forefront, the MDGs reshaped decision-making in developed and developing countries. Yet inequalities persist and progress has been uneven. Nearly 60% of the one billion extremely poor live in 5 […]

Making Regional Integration Work for the Poor

Interim Impact Assessment of the Southern Africa Trust 2006 -2009 This report indicates that the South African Trust has delivered substantive progress in all of its planned strategic output areas and made significant progress towards the achievement of its planned outcomes. It has worked to increase the knowledge base and capacity of the sector, making […]

The Southern Africa Civil Society Poverty and Development Charter

The Charter provides a concrete and concise standpoint to SADC member states, the SADC Secretariat, the business community and other stakeholders, on the civil society perspective on poverty eradication and sustainable development for constructive dialogue and engagement in the region.

Election Manifesto of Constitution and Election Women Coalition: 2015 General Elections

The Tanzanian general elections of 2015 are of historical importance for the women’s liberation struggle. The 20th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform of Action opens a new era to reconnect and mobilise the public. Political empowerment is the priority area for the 2015 elections. This manifesto has brought together voices from the Coalition of Women […]