The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The SAFE HAVEN HALFWAY HOME (SHHH) is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. ABOUT US  September 2017, Gender Links Mauritius opened the first halfway home in Mauritius called Safe Haven. A Halfway Home is a place that serves as a residence for people in need; providing them with […]

Djemillah Mourade-Peerbux

Djemillah Mourade-Peerbux

Djemillah Mourade-Peerbux: Small yet significant steps to bring change The face of innovation and creativity, Djemillah Mourade-Peerbux, a 30-year old woman, works as a News Editor and is the founder of The Ripple Project, The Strawz, Shame Them and Kazdepar. Djemillah believes that everyone can make an impact through small actions and she herself is […]

Lesotho: Period poverty affecting girls in rural areas

Lesotho: Period poverty affecting girls in rural areas

Poverty cited major driver as most skip school while on monthly periods Gerard Molupe Maseru, 17 June: The government is grappling with a high rate of abseentism from girl children in the rural areas of the country while they are on menstrual periods. This is primarily because these girls could not afford to buy the […]

June 17, 2019 Themes: Children | Gender equality | Poverty | Reproductive health Programs: News

Ending Child Marriage in Southern Africa

Seizing key opportunities for girls’ human rights in Southern Africa. This Human Rights Watch booklet examines what perpetuates child marriage. It also looks at the health and educational consequences of such marriages. It lists recommendations for SADC and national ministries of health and education.

ETV: Scandal Ep 3185- 04/12/2018

Name of monitor: Petronell Ngonyama Name of Television station: ETV Name of programme: Scandal Date of broadcast: 04 December 2018 Time: 19:30 Genre: Drama Series Theme: Crime, Social GBV focus explicit or implicit: Implicit Gem Classification: Gender Aware Link: Artefact Description: The scene displays a young woman who is a victim and survivor of Human Trafficking. The woman is now in custody of […]

Swaziland: Electronic Parts Centre

Swaziland- Electronic Parts Centre ensures environmental sustainability through recycling of broken down electric appliances.The Electric Parts Centre is a project that serves to repair and utilize the parts of old and broken down electric appliances in order to create new ones. They also recycle other plastic material and use it to create the new appliances. […]

August 17, 2018 Themes: Business Unusual | Poverty | Youth Programs: Protocol @ work

Mauritius: Island Bio- Food justice and poverty alleviation through a community garden.

Rising poverty, a Mauritius ranked as the African country with the highest rate of pesticide-related cancers, healthy products that seem to be reserved for an elite; all of the worrying factors that pushed Oliver, then 24, to climb the Island Bio project in 2015. Very quickly, he is joined by Cloé Chavry – 19 years […]

Mauritius: YUVA ensures the sustained well-being of children and young people, especially those who are the most vulnerable

Mauritius: YUVA ensures the sustained well-being of children and young people, especially those who are the most vulnerable

YUVA works with families, communities, and partners to ensure that children and young people enjoy good health, are educated for life, experience love of parents and their surroundings, and are cared for and protected. YUVA serves all children and young people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. YUVA aims to ensure Quality Education, Good […]

Mauritius: M-Kids Association, working to alleviate extreme poverty.

M-Kids Association is aware that poverty cannot be completely eradicated. However, it is working to at least alleviate extreme poverty. The association is working to have a country with zero hunger. It promotes safe and healthy population and aims to protect the environment. M-Kids Association preaches about peace and social stability while working in close […]

Africa: Not yet Uhuru!

Africa: Not yet Uhuru!

By Lucia Makamure Johannesburg, 25 May: On this day in 1963, the Organisation of African Unity (OUA) now known as the Africa Union (AU) was founded in Addis Ababa with a commitment to free the continent from colonial rule and to improve the living standards across member states. Fifty-five years later, so much has changed […]