Witchcraft – a frightening face of GBV

On Friday last week, my colleagues and I had a heated debate in the office about whether witchcraft exists or does not. This came À“ in the wake of a newspaper report in one of the dailies about witchcraft in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. The community blamed witchcraft for the high rates of unemployment.

I asked a colleague from Malawi, reputedly the hub of witchcraft in Southern Africa (blame it on oral tradition, I have heard it!), if this exists. Without hesitation he said that witchcraft existed and that if I go to Malawi, he will take me to a few people who can even fly me in the witches ‘plane’, the winnowing basket.

“Rights conflict: The Zion Church case”

Reduction of infant and maternal mortality rates are among the indicators of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Malawi. This calls for easy accessibility of proper medication of toddlers and pregnant mothers. However some religious groupings in Malawi continue to deny their followers from accessing medical care in the name or religion. Innocent lives that could be saved through proper medication are lost. This media highlight analyses a radio feature story – “Rights conflict: The Zion Church case” published on Zodiak online.

Preacher impregnates pupil (16)

Pigg’s Peak À“ A preacher from Ntfonjeni has allegedly impregnated a 16-year old pupil.

The pupil, *Lulu, is from Phophonyane.

She is doing form I in the local school.

Lulu is alleged to be three months pregnant, but continues to attend school.

International: Is polygyny a “divine rightÀ, sir?

Each time I see an image of President Jacob Zuma with his wives, I’m reminded of what is happening in my own backyard. Although not a polygamist (yet) my dad is a bigamist. You see, Valy Senior is a Moslem but I very much doubt religion played a part in his decision. He’s not a practicing Moslem so I reckon if it’s for religious reasons, then I think he got it wrong.
I’d think most Moslems take the text of the Holy Qur’an to be the word of God, and nobody should dispute or break it. But texts, especially old texts, are interpreted and re-interpreted, and in most cases, to suit men.

Mediatisation and Religion: Nordic Perspectives

This book presents new research on the changing relationship between the media, religion and culture from a Nordic perspective, while engaging with the theory of the mediatization of religion. In contemporary society, news journalism, film and television series, as well as new digital media, provide critical commentary on religion while also enabling new forms of religious imagery and interaction. Religious leaders, communities and individuals reflexively negotiate their presence within this new mediatized reality. In an increasingly globalized Nordic context, the media have also come to play an important role in the performance of both individual and social identities, and in the representation and development of social and religious conflicts. Through empirical analysis and theoretical discussions, scholars from film and media studies, the sociology of religion, and theology contribute to the development of the theory of the mediatization of religion as well as to the broader research field of media, religion and culture.

Don’t marry in church or else…

The statistics indicate that couples who get married in churches are more likely to get divorced than those who did it traditionally. Pastor Bill Anstruther of the United Apostolic Faith Church says people get married for different reasons , some get married because their culture only allows them to live together if and only when they are married, others because they want to be buried by the church and not because they are religious.

Raped while they prayed

A Pastor was given R 2000 bail after appearing in court on a rape charge. But on a later date, the court denied the Pastor bail after two more young women came forward, accusing him of the same terrible deeds!

Pastor is bust for another rape

Pastor James Thubakgale of the deliverance Church of Christ was accused for raping a 14-year-old girl and was re-arrested the same day he was released on bail. This was after the parents who live in Flora Park, Polokwane, had opened a case against the pastor for raping their daughter. The parents came forward to report that their daughter was raped by the same pastor between 2009 and 2010.

Pastor bust for rapes

In 1997 he was found guilty of rape and sentenced to eight years in prison. After serving six years he was released on parole, started a church and become a pastor. But now only two years later five girls aged 15 and 16 claim he has raped them.

Satyam Chummun – Mauritius

Satyam Chummun – Mauritius

The role of a priest or priestess is not only to pray, celebrate weddings, or have prayers for the dead. For me, being a Councillor and a Priestess have come together to allow me to help vulnerable women. Being a Councillor, I know all the problems of my region, and have to make sure that my community lives in a secure place. Being a Priestess lets me use prayer to help women heal from the trauma of gender based violence.

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