Sex work

Sex workers: the biggest losers at the World Cup

While many are still coming down from the excitement of the World Cup, Zodwa Sangweni* is one South African who was disappointed by how the much-hyped event turned out.

Human trafficking did not end with the World Cup

The international journalists have all gone home, the pitches have been cleared and the screaming of fans is a distant memory. But in many cases the problems still remain.

Hookers bare their Cup secrets – The Star

Prostitutes around Sandton and Rosebank are excited about the prospect of raking in record earnings during the World Cup, but many are worried that harassment by the police could wreck their business.

New sex workers’ alliance formed

Parliamentarians in Mozambique are currently facing a challenge by an advocacy group new to the country’s political scene, on an issue most people are unwilling to even talk about – sex work. The newly formed Mozambique chapter of the Pan African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) are pressing parliament to recognise the rights of sex workers, especially to ensure their health and security.

Traffic Humain : La prostitution forcée en passe de devenir un fléau

Un rapport rendu par les Etats-Unis sur Maurice ne déclare que la prostitution forcée est en phase de devenir un véritable fléau a Maurice. Les adolescentes ainsi que les enfants y sont entraines par des hommes d’affaires ou des proches.

July 9, 2010 Themes: Sex work Programs: Gender Aware | News Analysis | Sources | VRC Clippings

2010: What’s your view?

2010: What’s your view?

As all eyes are on South Africa during the 2010 World Cup, it is essential that we know what those eyes are seeing and what their views are.We seek inputs from students, academics, activists, and anyone with a perspective on how 2010 has affected them and the communities around them.

God and the male sex tourist

In some circles, including among members of the National Prosecuting Authority, the usual term B and B has been re-nicknamed “Bed and Brothel,À because of the large number of rent by the hour accommodations springing up all over the country. According to police sources, many are packed to the brim with new, foreign arrivals.

You were not raped – Sowetan

A Cape Town prostitute has accused police of refusing to register her case after she was raped in her home. Sonto Diko, 27, (not her real name) says she was raped Langa last Saturday night by an unknown man.

Sex Act victimises prostitutes – Sowetan

Criminalising prostitution will make prostitutes more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, advocacy groups said yesterday. The sexual offences amendment act, which came into effect on Monday, criminalise prostitution and soliciting sex.

Sex sells as shares go limp – The Citizen

Sex sells, as the saying goes, and while failing banks may have yet to rattle the world’s oldest profession, Australian industry members say. As financial turmoil spins around the globe, some Australian brothels say it is business-as-usual with sex seen as a consumer need like tobacco.