Sustainable Development

Women and Water: On the frontline of climate change #COP27

Women and Water: On the frontline of climate change #COP27

A joint statement for COP 27 The world cannot wait. Progress on SDG 6 is much too slow. In the last two decades access to safe drinking water in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, has increased by only 13% and progress on safe sanitation access is still slower at close to 7% (WHO/UNICEF, 2022). Long-standing water, […]

Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals

Launching a data revolution for the SDGs A report by the Leadership Council of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a Global Initiative for the United Nations. This is revised working draft ( version 7)

Gender on the Agenda: A guide to participating in Beijing+5

The five year review of the UN Fourth Conference on Women (Beijing + 5) – assessing the global agenda for gender equality. The anatomy of the five year review and the NGO activities and strategies to influence the outcome of the five year review process. All the key documents needed to participate in the process […]

Education: A basic human right – Development cooperation and basic education: policy, practice and implementation

This paper gives a summary of developments in international policy on basic education and the steps needed to make it more explicit and give it more depth. It is also partly a manual which sets out guidelines for education specialists and policy officials.

Millenium Development Goals: Gender Chart 2015

A chart depicting the gains of those MDGs that are linked to gender such as the elimination of poverty and hunger and universal primary education.

TrustAfrica Annual Report 10 – 11

TrustAfrica’s core programmes centre on democracy and civil society, equitable development and African philanthropy.

The Millenium Development Goals Report 2015

The global mobilisation around the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) has produced the biggest anti-poverty movement in history. By putting people and their immediate needs in the forefront, the MDGs reshaped decision-making in developed and developing countries. Yet inequalities persist and progress has been uneven. Nearly 60% of the one billion extremely poor live in 5 […]

Africities Marrakesh 2018: The Transition to Sustainable Cities and Territories

The Africities Summit is run every year and it has been running for 20 years. The theme for this summit is the Transition to Sustainable Cities and Territories: The role of Local and Sub-national governments of Africa.

Making Regional Integration Work for the Poor

Interim Impact Assessment of the Southern Africa Trust 2006 -2009 This report indicates that the South African Trust has delivered substantive progress in all of its planned strategic output areas and made significant progress towards the achievement of its planned outcomes. It has worked to increase the knowledge base and capacity of the sector, making […]

BALA Conference 2018: Transformational leadership

The 2018 Botswana Association of Local Authorities National Conference was entitled: ‘Transformational leadership- a key to localising the Development Agenda. Re-tooling to enhance capacity at local level for the transformation of communities.’