Mauritius – “MPs should represent the voice of the citizens and adopt a people-centred approach.” Subhasnee Luchmun Roy

“Everyone should be given the opportunity to serve their country, without any discrimination.” Subhasnee Luchmun Roy is a member of the National Assembly and a member of the political party […]

Mauritius – “There is the need for a critical mass of women to change the status quo, in politics and in other roles.” Soonita Kistamah

“Providing the opportunity for women to participate effectively in politics should neither be seen as a favour on women nor simply a result of laws or quotas.” Soonita Kistamah has […]

Mauritius – “Women should remain determined; there is the space for them in politics.” Sandra Mayotte

“Nowadays, children receive very empowering messages on the status, role and potentiality of women.” Sandra Marie Monia Mayotte is a member of the National Assembly and a member of the […]

Mauritius – “Sustainable development will not be attained without gender equality.” Joanna Berenger

“Engaging oneself in politics should be selfless and aimed at creating positive changes at the personal, community and country level rather than done for personal interests.” Joanna Berenger has a […]

Mauritius – “An increased representation of women in politics should not be pursued with the mere aim of a ‘politics of numbers’, but rather a ‘politics of ideas’ for greater social and gender justice.” Sheila Bunwaree

“Until and unless poverty and inequality are addressed, stability and social cohesion will be under threat. There can be no peace without justice” Dr Sheila Bunwaree’s initial encounter with Gender […]

Mauritius: Education is the key to success

“I want to go to university and have a useful degree when I grow up.” My name is Eva, I am 11 years old and I am in Grade 5. […]

April 3, 2023 Themes: Children | Emotional violence | Youth Programs: Advocacy | Gender Justice

SADC: GL & Amplify Change launch Voice & Choice Fund

SADC: GL & Amplify Change launch Voice & Choice Fund

Friday 22 July: Gender Links (GL) in partnership with Amplify Change, today announces the launch of the Voice and Choice Fund targeting Women’s Rights Organisations in Southern Africa focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The […]

Mauritius: Gender Links hosts 50-50 symposium

Mauritius: Gender Links hosts 50-50 symposium

Gender Links Mauritius in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius and to the Republic of Seychelles is pleased to invite you for a […]

Priya’s story from Safe Haven Halfway Home

“Although I sometimes feel low, I look in the mirror and remind myself not to give up.” My name is Priya and I am 20 years old. I came to […]

Namibia launches 2021 Voice and Choice Barometer

Namibia launches 2021 Voice and Choice Barometer

Windhoek, 1 October 2021: The 13th edition of the 2021#VoiceandChoice Barometer is officially launched by the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Gender Equality Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Honourable […]