Madagascar: Gender and Elections

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After having organized the presidential election in December 2018 and the legislative election in May 2019, Madagascar will organize its local government election on November 27, 2019 for the 1695 communes. The application has been opened on Thursday 29 August until Thursday 12 September. The official list of candidates will be published on 17 September 2019. The election campaign will take place from 6 to 26 November.

Unlike the last communal election in 2015, according to the decree n° 2019 – 1541 setting the modalities for the organization of municipal elections, this year the Mayor and councillors are elected separately during simultaneous elections.

The Mayor is elected by direct universal suffrage by First-Past-The-Post system. The candidate who has received the greatest number of votes cast is elected Mayor. Councillors are elected by direct universal suffrage by Proportional Representation, without a flotation, preferential vote or incomplete list. The seats are allocated to the candidates according to the order of presentation in each list and according to the rule of the electoral quotient and that of the strongest remainder.

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