Gender@Work in Local Government

This book documents the most far-reaching, systematic and sustained effort to promote gender in local government in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC). Based on the research series, “At the Coalface, Gender in Local Government” undertaken a decade ago, Gender@Work in Local Government traces the growth of the Centres of Excellence (COE) for Gender in Local Government from evidence to action; from breadth to depth; and from advocacy to ownership. The book also touches on the COVID-19 pandemic that challenged all countries and communities in Southern Africa in 2020, but also led to innovative responses, such as the Gender and Emergencies Checklist. Download the Executive Summary here. Watch the video here. Download the regional pamphlet.

Executive summary

Context and Theory of Change

Centres of Excellence programme

Gender Management and budgeting in councils

Women’s political participation

Public participation

Workplace policy and practices

Gender and local economic development

Economic power to end gender violence

Health, SRHR and HIV/AIDS

Infrastructure, social development and accountability

Gender and climate change