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LG SRHR Inception meeting invitation
LG SRHR inception meeting programme
LG SRHR inception meet task list
LG SRHR Training, Action Planning and Campaigns Workshop Invitation
LG SRHR Training, Action Planning and Campaigns Workshop Programme
Local government GAP integration workshop invitation
Local government GAP integration and GRB Programme
LG SRHR Concept note
LG SRHR Power point
LG SRHR training module
COE power point
LG SRHR Planning Framework
How to set up a youth council
Campaigns module Campaigns action plan
Campaigns M and E tracking report
SRHR Advocacy and communications Tool Kit; Sixteen days discussion
Campaigns action plan templates
Menstrual Health Maternal Health CSE and services Safe abortion
HIV and AIDS Child marriages Sexual diversity
Menstrual health power point Girl Child Fact Sheet
Comprehensive sexual education and teenage pregnancies power point CSE & Teenage Pregnancies fact sheet
Safe abortions power point Safe Abortion fact sheet
GBV power point GBV fact sheet
Harmful practices power point Harmful practices fact sheet
HIV power point HIV fact sheet
LGBTI module LGBTI Training powerpoint
LGBTI power point LGBTI fact sheet
Sixteen Days to up #VoiceandChoiceconcept and dates
Communications – general
Guidelines on photos
Social media guideline
Alliance Twitter Handles
Key dates and messages throughout the year
GL LG gender integration module Local government COE Gender Action Plan
  Council’s Strategic Plan or Integrated Development Plan
  Example Beitbridge Council
GL Gender Responsive Budget module GRB data from 2017
Updated SADC Protocol on Gender and Development
Maputo Protocol
SADC Minimum standards for SRHR
SADC 2019 to 2030 SRHR Strategy
SADC SRHR Scorecard
GL SADC Protocol@work SRHR case study analysis
2018 SADC Gender Barometer SRHR Chapter
2018 SADC Gender Barometer HIV and AIDS chapter
2018 SADC Gender Barometer GBV chapter
GL updated Local Government COE concept paper
LG SRHR country plans
Zimbabwe Local Government Health plan
Sustainable Development Goals