Advocacy and campaigns

GL has applied strategic communications training and research to build advocacy campaigns on a range of issues at regional level. GL has played a leading role in raising the profile of the Sixteen Days of No Violence Against Women Campaign from 25 November (International Day of No Violence Against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day) each year.

Through the cyber dialogues, a flagship project of the 16 Days campaign, GL has been at the forefront of the Making IT work for gender justice campaign. Linking the justice and governance programmes, GL is also working with local councils to craft their own Sixteen days Campaigns and actively mobilise their community member to participate in Sixteen Days campaigns across Southern Africa. More consistently, GL has encouraged and capacitated councils to develop 365 Days Campaigns aimed at empowering women and ending violence community by community.

Gender Links uses key dates and events to conduct advocacy work on gender violence. For example the ended 2010 Soccer World Cup Score a goal for gender equality campaign, International Women’s Day, Women’s month in South Africa and Millennium Development Goals 10 year review. GL has also conducted vibrant online campaigns through the use of various online and social media platforms to engage online audiences and young people in a bid to influence their attitudes and mind-sets and stop violence before it starts.

GL is one of two African NGOs that sit on the UN Secretary General’s Africa advisory committee for the UNite campaign.