The sixteen days of activism against gender violence runs from the 25th of November to the 10th of December each year. 25 November is the international day for prevention of violence against women. Read more…

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The audit of commitments made during the Sixteen Day cyber dialogues in South Africa 2005 compares pledges made to outputs and outcomes over the last year. The audit concludes that what is needed over the coming year is a National Action Plan for Ending Gender Violence.    

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Click here to read the full  text of the audit in PDF format.


Gender  Links Commentaries

Gender Links has produced a special edition of the GL commentary service for the Sixteen Days campaign. There will be two pieces available each day, one witten by a specialist and the other will be a first hand account written by  women and men who have been affected by gender violence. Click here to see today’s highlights.



Visit our resource centre  to view  graphics such as our 16 days logo, brochure and fact sheets covering various aspects of gender violence and HIV/AIDS.  View resources for 16 days of peace activities


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Regional Activities
The Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA) Network will be co-ordinating Sixteen Days activities in 13 Southern African countries. Visit the GEMSA website to view regional activities for the 16 days campaign.    GEMSA will be producing a daily newsletter, if you would like to submit information for inclusion in the newsletter please email  Read the GEMSA E-Newsletter.
Gender Links 16 Days of Peace Report

Read the final report from 16 Days of Peace Campaign 2005



The Sixteen Days campaign and  Cyber Dialogues is only possible as a result of partnerships between NGOs, government and business.  Click here to view a list of partners in the campaign.