Phenomenal Women

Join us in celebrating Women’s Month in August annually

Every year South Africans set aside the month of August not only to celebrate Women’s Month, National Women’s Day, and to pay tribute to women’s on-going achievements but more poignantly to acknowledge and support the many women who continue to face different forms of abuse and oppression every day.

There are many women who fight against this oppression, who rise above abuse and women who against all odds raise families and lead change in their communities and in our countries. Society often does not recognise the sacrifices women have made and continue to make every day, that not only make the world function but make it a better place.

Gender Links celebrates Phenomenal Women during August annually by publishing a special series of stories from across Southern Africa. The stories are published in an electronic newsletter sent out each week in August and running into September.

Gender Links invites viewers and visitors to join in celebrating Phenomenal Women, by posting comments, tributes, poetry and even audio visual & photographic materials on the Phenomenal Women page or on our Facebook page. Click here to view an interview with Catherine Burns (WISER) on rape. Watch an interview with Eusebius McKaiser, Author, broadcaster and political analyst. Click here to view the Phenomenal Fathers page. Audiences are also encouraged to interact and share progressive commentaries and opinion on Gender Link’s twitter handle – #Gender Links.

Read the tributes to phenomenal women by clicking on the articles below.