• 149 survivors of GBV in 8 councils in Madagascar trained as entrepreneurs in the second phase of the Sunrise Campaign.
  • 98% completed a business plan and 02 % followed through on the plan
  • The average income increased from 183,813 Ariary per month at baseline to 223,321 Ariary at endline; a 21,49 % increase
  • 49% added new products and 62% found new markets; 32% indicated starting a new business and 43% increased the size of their business; 32% opened a bank account and 49% increased email usage.
  • The Gender Empowerment Index (GEI) which includes entrepreneurial flair, agency, income, relationship control and agency (increased)from  44% to 51%
  • 39% of participants said they now experience less or much less GBV. Overall, the relationship control index (decreased) from 58% to 53%.
  • Gender attitudes as measured by the Gender Progress Score (GPS) in the communities (increased) by 45 percentage points to 54 %.

Driver of change

Noeline Rasolofoarisoa was one of the GBV victims trained by GL throughout the current sunrise campaign. 

She was initially used to be ill treated and abused by her husband, and then decided now to be in charge of her two sons on her lone.  “My path is completely impossible. However, I did and managed; thanks to GL” she confirmed on an interview with the team. In fact, she actually runs a sewing business within the council of Manjakandriana: she buys fabrics as raw materials, sew them afterwards to produce well-finished garments for sale either at the council itself or at some other neighbouring councils. 

“Involvement in the entrepreneurial culture has changed my life a lot, I am always bound to develop my business through every process GL has guided in the business plan”, she added. Indeed, she is one of the society references within her council. Guided by her willingness, she participated in the 7th SADC Gender and Development Protocl@Work Summit in Madagascar this 2019 and won the prize, out of all the other 12 participants. The jury members were convinced by her project and all her long walk to success (from nothing to an incredible business affair with great profit).  

She is very grateful for all the help provided by GL. She then promised to stay upright and carry out concrete action to fight against any type of violence in order to help other survivors. “I did it because of GL, all business strategies are worthy: so from now on, I am going to prompt friends to go further in terms of business. “  Almost all participants of the summit hailed Noeline’s efforts.