422 women participated in the Sunrise campaign in Mauritius from 2013-2015.
Key results include for the 2013-2015 programme which targeted 169 women included:

(1) Women were empowered to know their self-worth
(2) They were able to come out of an abusive relationship or amend their existing relationships
(3) More aware of their rights and the laws around GBV in Mauritius
(4) Empowered to set up their own business to be economically independent
(5) Use IT in their respective businesses for book keeping and financial records as well as using IT for communication and marketing of their business.

Veronique Celestin is one of the beneficiary of the 2013-2014 cohort who won the first prize for the 2014 Summit and participated in the Regional Summit. She participated under the category of the ‘previous’ entrepreneurs for the 2019 Summit and stood out as the Runner Up in that category. Veronique’s business has grown immensely and this is now her main source of income.

The country pamphlet can be viewed.

In 2016-2017, GL Mauritius got funding through the Decentralised Cooperation Programme to empower motivated women and their families living in pockets of poverty by giving them appropriate entrepreneurial skills to be partly or fully economically independent through either starting a micro-enterprise or a cooperative with the support of local councils for a period of one year. The project was rolled out in Moka, Vacoas-Phoenix, Black River, Curepipe, Beau Bassin- Rose Hill, Savanne and Grand Port, Riviere du Rempart Councils respectively. The project had a very impactful part which included taking on board 10 women from the old cohort of the entrepreneurship training and make them ‘mentors’. Their role as mentors were to train women into becoming entrepreneurs and follow their progress, advice and provide support to them. 184 women were reached.

In 2018, the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) Foundation and the HSBC bank respectively sponsored the Sunrise campaign. The projects reached 69 women in the regions of Dubreuil, Cite La Chaux, Cite Barkly and Chebel.