GL conducted the GBV Indicators Research project in Botswana from 2010-2011 in collaboration with the Women’s Affairs Department in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Statistics Botswana, WLSA Botswana and the University of Botswana. Over two thirds (67%) of all women interviewed have experienced some form of violence (psychological, emotional, economic, physical or sexual) in their lifetime, while 44% of all men admit to perpetrating violence against women at some point in their lifetime. Only one in every five women who were physically abused and injured by their intimate partner reported to police while only one in seven physically abused women sought medical help for injuries. Patriarchal attitudes, alcohol abuse, experiences of child abuse and relationship factors are significant underlying factors driving the incidence of GBV in Botswana. GBV still does not feature in most speeches by political leaders with only 6% of speeches referring to GBV as a main topic. Less than half of the Botswana – 46% of women and 43% of men are aware of the Domestic Violence Act. GBV service providers need to improve on the documentation of GBV cases dealt with. Shelter services are also highly disproportionate to the high levels of GBV reported.

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