Gender Links (GL) conducted The GBV Indicators Research Project in Mauritius in 2010 in collaboration with the Mauritius Research Council. Almost one in four (24%) of women experienced some form of GBV at least once in their lifetime, while 23% of men admit to perpetrating some form of GBV at least once in their life time. Women report a higher extent of experience compared to the extent of perpetration reported by men. Child abuse experience, conservative gender attitudes and alcohol abuse by men increases their risk of perpetrating GBV. Thirty seven percent of women and 38% of men were aware of campaigns to end GBV. There is lack of an effective or functional referral system between service providers. GL has recommended the setting up of a clear referral system to track survivors from one service provider to the other.

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Click here for the Mauritius country report for the War@Home GBV indicators study.