GL conducted the VAW Baseline study in Gauteng from 2009 to 2010. The prevalence of GBV in the province shows that homes and communities are still far from safe, especially for women. Over half (51.3 %) of women in Gauteng experienced some form of violence (psychological, emotional, economic, physical or sexual) in their lifetime while 75.5% of men interviewed in the province admit to perpetrating some form of violence against women at some point in their lifetime. Conservative patriarchal gender attitudes and norms are a key driver of GBV in Gauteng. While GBV is rampant in the province it still does not feature in most of the official speeches by political leaders. First-hand accounts of GBV experience by 55 survivors showed that speaking out about abuse was empowering and facilitated healing. Interrogation and analysis of available GBV administrative data shows that poor data management systems make it difficult to monitor and evaluate programmes and services. Available GBV services are disproportionate to the high prevalence of GBV.

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