Gender Links takes forward research work through advocacy. The Gender and Media Summits and awards held every two years are part of Gender Links advocacy initiatives. From 2014, GL partnered with the SADC Gender Protocol Alliance to conduct SADC Gender Protocol@Work summits. In 2016, Gender Links is reviving the Gender and Media Summits in collaboration with the Southern African Broadcasting Association and the Africa Broadcasting Union. GL produced daily newspapers and conducted cyber dialogues at Beijing+10 and Beijing+15 at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. In 2011 GL brought stakeholders together to debate on the 20th Anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration on media freedom in the run up to the Africa Media Summit in Cape Town in September 2011. GL will participate in various activities linked to the 25th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration on media freedom in 2016. At the international level, GL is the founding chair of GAMAG and has participated in international advocacy activities such as the campaign for a stand- alone goal and indicators on gender, media and ICTs.