GL is a key partner in organising the Gender and Media (GEM) Summit every two years in which media performance is put under the spotlight and good practice affirmed through Gender and Media Awards. GL and partners have hosted 6 Gender and Media Summits since 2004.

In 2019, media practitioners will contribute to the #VoiceandChoice Summits to be held between June and September 2019. They will participate in the #VoiceandChoice Media category which  recognises gender aware coverage of SRHR including Menstrual health; Maternal health; Services and Comprehensive Sexual Education; Teenage pregnancies; Safe Abortion; HIV and AIDS; Child marriages; GBV; Sexual diversity.  The national summits will lead up to the Regional #VoiceandChoice Summit to be held in November 2019 during the Sixteen Days of Activism. Below is a list of the past summits held by GL and partners.

Tanzania Gender and News Summit 2018

GEM Summit 2016

GEM Summit 2010

GEM Summit 2008

GEM Summit 2006

GEM Summit 2004