COEs for Gender in the Media

Gender Links has established Centres of Excellence (COEs) for Gender in the Media as a follow up to gender and media research, advocacy, training and policy work. GL has gone beyond the six stage gender policy process (buy in, situation analysis, inception workshop to develop a policy and action plan drafting, adoption, monitoring and evaluation) to include on-the-job training; self-monitoring and sharing of good practices at the Gender and Media Summit.

Since 2011, GL has been working with 100 newsrooms in the SADC region to ensure that they have at least 30% women sources in news content and that women are equally represented in all areas and at all levels of decision-making within media houses. Click here to download the proportion of women sources in SADC Media. The on-the-job training revolves around the ten key areas of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. Click here for the COE concept note. Click here for the manual, Making every voice count: Reporting Southern Africa a compendium to the handbook, Making Every Voice Count: A Handbook for Gender in the Media Centres of Excellence. The Media Programme is reviewing its COE model in line with the post 2015 SADC Gender Protocol media provisions. This includes supporting media houses to update their gender policies and action plans in line with the updated policy document. Click here for the latest Media COE analysis paper.

Gender Links is working in with media houses in 13 countries. See country links at the top of the page.