Call for “I” Stories: Share your story on how you are experiencing COVID -19

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Gender Links is offering you an opportunity to share your personal story on the Corona Virus. We are calling for “I” Stories that show the lived experiences of women and men in the region during these COVID times.

“I” Stories which are first-hand accounts are one of the most compelling ways of bringing home the realities people are facing in their everyday life. By telling your story, you can help raise awareness and offer hope to all affected and or infected. People who would like to use a pseudonym are welcome to do so, and should indicate this when submitting their story pitch.

We will select an assortment of these experiences to be included in a special “I” Stories, series that will be published focusing on how the COVID -19 virus has impacted peoples everyday life. Each “I” Story will share the personal experience of someone who has been infected and or affected by the virus and the impact it has had. The stories will be published under the GL News and Blogs Service and run concurrently with a news series focusing on gender and COVID- 19 that GL is also running.


The “I” Stories is Gender Links project which shares first-hand accounts of women and men on gender issues. Annually, GL produces “I” Stories from survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) for 16 Days of Activism. GL also produces a collection of “I” Stories from different countries in the region and collates this into series each year. This has created opportunities and provided spaces for survivors of all forms of GBV to speak out, participate in various conversations and document their experiences. Borrowing from this concept, GL would like to hear and share your stories on how you are coping with this COVID -19 pandemic.


Phase One: Pitching your story idea

  • To share your experiences, you can get in touch by filling in the pitch form which can be found on the following link and share your idea
  • Submit your pitch by Friday 10 April.
  • Your story pitch submission must answer the following:
    • Why you want to tell the story?
    • Where and when does the story take place?
    • What is the story you want to tell?
    • How would you like to be identified?
  • This pitch will be received by the editor for review.
  • After the editor’s review you will receive a response either accepting or rejecting the pitch by Wednesday 15 April, with an explanation and or suggestions. For those accepted your response will include the deadline for submitting your story.
  • If accepted you should then compile the story.

Phase Two: Submitting your full article

  • Compile and submit your story within the given timeframe.
  • Submit your article on the full submission form which can be found here
  • Please ensure you give us consent to publish your story. Answer all the questions that appear under the consent section of the form. The consent section appears only if you select to submit “I” story under submission category. Click here to review the questions to be asked.
  • On the story submission form upload your full story, and a captioned high resolution photo. Your photo should be in landscape layout.
  • Please also tick the editorial sign off section in the full story submission form. Click here to review GL editorial guidelines.
  • Click here to view photo guidelines.
  • All stories will be published in April and May 2020
  • Once the story has been received for publication and published GL will effect payment and indicate that this has been done. Click here to view the bank details that will be required and please have these ready.
  • GL will pay $50 or local currency equivalent for each “I” story shared after the story is published.

All stories matter. However, we will review and select story ideas for our collection based on the need for a diverse range of stories- region, perspectives, experiences, and issues raised. We encourage people who have never written before to also submit, our editor will help you to shape your ideas. People may write their own story or we may pair individuals with writers who can help shape the story for publication depending on availability.


GL has set up a help desk with key resources on gender and COVID -19 for your use. You can find it here