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Fri 18 Sept 2020: Economic justice
Promoting Women’s economic empowerment during COVID-19 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Economic Justice chapter

Radio spot: Economic Justice

News article: Cross border traders losing source of livelihood.

News article: Unpaid care & domestic work increasing during lock down

News article: Covid-19 hits small scale business hard

Resources: Economic justice and COVID-19

28 Sep 2020: Safe abortion
Ensuring reproductive justice through safeguarding abortion access and rights during COVID -19 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Safe Abortion chapter

Radio spot: Safe abortion
News article: Unplanned pregnancies & unsafe abortions may rise due to lock down

News article: Lockdowns may increase unsafe and illegal abortions

Resources: Safe abortion and COVID-19 resources

Fri 2 Oct 2020: Sexual diversity
Sexual diversity 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Sexual Diversity chapter

Radio spot: Key populations

News article: Online communities, safe spaces for LGBTI+

News article: LGBTI people in Covid19 lockdown distress

News article: LGBTI+ people facing discrimination & GBV

Resources: Gender and COVID-19 resources

Mon 12 Oct 2020: Comprehensive sex education
Ensuring access to youth-friendly SRHR services, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Adolescent SRHR chapter

Radio spot: Comprehensive sex education

Radio spot: Teenage pregnancies

TV talk show: Potential impact of COVID-19 on teenage pregnancies

Radio spot: Menstrual Health in Madagascar

Rapid assessment of ASRHR in 6 SADC countries

Barometer 2020 video ASRHR chapter

Resources: ASRHR and COVID-19

Mon 26 Oct 2020: Gender, COVID-19 and climate change
Gender equality and climate action to improve food security in Southern Africa 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Climate change chapter

Radio spot: Food security
News article: Put gender lens in fighting climate change

News article: Food flows providing food to vulnerable communities

News article: Climate Change Barometer Chapter

Resources: Climate change and COVID-19

Fri 20 Nov 2020: Gender, media and COVID
Launch of Gender and Media Progress Study Whose News Whose Views 2020 Gender and Media Progress Study: Whose News, Whose Views 2020

Radio spot: Media

News article: Covid-19 calls for shift in journalism education

News article: Women lack access to Covid-19 information

News article: Media & Covid-19 experiences of female journalists

Resources: Media and COVID-19

Wed 25 Nov 2020: Gender-based violence
Launch of Sixteen Days of Activism Fighting GBV amid Corona virus in Southern Africa 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Gender Based Violence chapter

Radio spot: Gender based violence in Southern Africa

Radio talk show: GBV in Madagascar

News article: Efforts made to counter GBV in COVID-19 crisis

News article: Economic vulnerabilities push up GBV in Zimbabwe

News article: Violences en période de confinement: les victimes ont peu d’espoir pour que justice soit rendu

Resources: GBV and COVID-19

Mon 2 Dec 2020: HIV and AIDS
COVID-19 threatening efforts to roll back gains on ending HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: HIV and AIDS chapter

Radio spot: HIV and AIDS

News article: Botswana’s HIV response impacted by COVID-19

News article: Lockdown threatens adherence to antiretroviral treatment

News article: HIV testing and treatment in the time of COVID-19

News article: Les patients atteints du VIH-SIDA sont parmi les plus vulnérables en cette période d’urgence sanitaire.

News article: Covid-19 affecting HIV treatment

News article: Covid-19 will further burden people living with HIV

Resources: HIV/AIDS and COVID-19

Mon 6 Dec 2020: Harmful practices
Harmful practices 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Harmful practices chapter

Radio spot:  Child Marriages

Radio programme: Early child marriages – Lesotho

Resources: Harmful practices and COVID-19

Thurs 10 Dec 2020: Day of Commitment
Day of commitment to 365 days of action to promote women’s rights and girls rights in Southern Africa 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer
Tues 11 Aug 2020: Women and the Electoral System in SA 11.00 to 13.00 (SA time).
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Asikhulume, Ha re bue – lets talk
Concept Note;
Summary of Consitutional Court ruling
Radio spot: Gender and governance

News article: SA – More women than men now infected by COVID-19

News article: Adopt gender responsive governance to address COVID-19

News article: Women under-represented in COVID-19 response taskforce

Resources: Governance and COVID-19

Mon 17 Aug 2020: Launch of Southern Africa #VoiceandChoice Barometer 2020 14h00 – 16h00 (SA time)
Launch of Southern Africa Barometer 2020: #VoiceandChoice in the time of COVID-19

Executive Summary: EnglishFrench and Portuguese.

Foreword by Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng

Press release: Barometer launch

#VoiceandChoice Barometer 2020

Forum: Join the discussion

Fri 28 Aug 2020: Gender and COVID-19: Voices from the ground
Gender and COVID-19: Voices from the ground

Local Government gender and SRHR checklist for COVID-19 and other public health emergencies

This Woman’s Month join Women’s Voice Leadership, South Africa (WVL-SA) – Rapid Response Grantees hold a discussion on their experiences during COVID-19 and the government’s response to the pandemic.
Tue 8 Sept 2020: Maternal and menstrual health
Maternal and menstrual Health 2020 Voice and Choice Barometer: Sexual and Reproductive Health chapter

Radio spot: Maternal and menstrual health

Radio spot: Maternal Health: Lesotho

Radio spot: Menstrual Health:  Madagascar

Resources: Maternal and menstrual health and COVID-19