What is the Gender Links New  Service?

The Gender Links News Service (GLNS) is an innovative project of Gender Links, a Southern African NGO that promotes gender equality in and through the media, to provide the media with fresh views and voices on current affairs. The service has its roots in the Gender and Media Baseline Study (GMBS) which showed that women’s voices are grossly under-represented in the media, especially in opinion and commentary, and that coverage of gender issues constitutes a mere two percent of overall coverage.
Gender Links has amplified issues of gender in southern Africa and put an entirely new complexion and depth to the discourse on gender. For us at The Southern Times who have devoted a whole page each week to reporting on gender for over a year now, the timely, bright, tight and right articles from your contributors have been very useful.
– Moses Magadza, Founding Editor, the Southern Times.
Why you should use the GEM Service:
  • The GL News Service produces thought provoking, quality articles written by experts in their fields.
  • Editors have the opportunity to request articles that address particular subjects from the GL Service.
  • Publishing articles from the GL Service impacts positively on the editorial content of media and will increase the coverage of gender issues.
  • Writers from the GL Service can be used as sources for news items, thus increasing the representation of women’s voices in the media.
How the service works:
  • The GL News Service Editor commissions on average 20  articles a month on a range of issues. Editors can also liaise directly with the GL Service Editor and request articles with a specific focus and/ or topical and issues from the Service.
  • A weekly media brief is sent out to editors. GL Service marketers in individual countries will also liaise with editors. Editors can obtain the full text of available articles from the Gender Links website: www.genderlinks.org.za or through the GL Service marketers in their country.
  • All material used from the GL Service must credit the Service as the source. For monitoring purposes a condition for usage is that editors inform the GL Service Editor of articles used and dates of publication and/or usage. Feedback is also welcomed and should be sent to the Gender Links Service Editor at: editor@genderlinks.org.za