Gender Links Writer’s Guidelines

What is the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service?
The Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service (GL Service) is an innovative project of Gender Links, a Southern African NGO that promotes gender equality in and through the media, to provide the media with fresh views and voices on current affairs. The service has its roots in the Gender and Media Baseline Study (GMBS) which showed that women’s voices are grossly under-represented in the media, especially in opinion and commentary, and that coverage of gender issues constitutes a mere two percent of overall coverage.

Why you should contribute:

  • The media is one of the most powerful forces for influencing societal attitudes and perceptions.
  • As a writer of the GL Service you have the opportunity to share your opinions with thousands of people across the region and beyond.
  • Your work will be distributed throughout the SADC region.
  • The electronic media often call upon GL Service writers for comment.
 What kind of articles is the GEM Service looking for?
  • The most important criteria for articles produced by the Service is that they offer an OPINION
  • Articles must provide a gender analysis of news, issues etc
  • Articles must be written in a clear, engaging and accessible style
  • Articles that have a bearing on the SADC region are encouraged.
 Contributing to the GEM Service:
  • Pitch an idea for a story to the GL Service Editor by sending an email to:
  • The GLNS Editor will contact you to discuss your idea and give the go ahead /refine the brief and set the deadline for submission.
  • Once the story is received, it will be edited by the editor. The editor may request that the article be further developed / revised.
  • Once the editing process is complete, the article will be distributed and marketed to media in the region via GL Service marketers in individual countries.
  • The GL Service Editor will provide the writer with feedback on publication and any comments received from editors/ users of the service.
  •  If you would like to be included in the GEM Service database of writers, send an expression of interest, indicating your area of expertise to

The GL News Service, the first of its kind in the Southern African region, has provided readers with first hand information and views on what is happening to their African sisters and brothers. The service has provided in-depth views as well as solutions on burning and sensitive issues that were discussed only behind closed doors.– Loga Virahsawmy, Media Watch Organisation-GEMSA, Mauritius.