Gender and Media Diversity Centre is the knowledge centre of Gender Links (GL). With this ideal in mind, Gender Links actively engages with youth through the GL internship programme. Working closely with partner institutions, the GMDC designs the programme based on the needs of the particular university or institution of higher learning.

The six-month internship programme continues to grow both at GL headquarters and at our satellite offices in Botswana and Mauritius and field offices in Madagascar, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The interns accepted into our programme obtain hands on experience in the fields of media, gender and diversity. They are assigned to a department and supervisor, who provide continuous feedback and liaise with their institutional supervisor. The intern is given specific projects to carry out and appropriate work with which to assist.

The objectives of the GL internship programme are:

  • To add to the media education training and curriculum of the institution.
  • To guide student journalists and media practitioners to incorporate and factor in gender and diversity angles in their work.
  • To assist in the training and development of future professionals.
  • To apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to a workplace setting.
  • To facilitate networking opportunities to meet other professionals in the field.
  • To establish more substantial partnerships with learning institutions.

This internship programme is largely media centred and is best suited for those coming from Journalism or Media Studies training institutions. However, those enrolled in Gender Studies or Sociology programmes would also be well suited for a placement at GL.

GL has a long history of successful internships. If you are an institution or a student in your third or fourth year of study, and you would like to partner with Gender Links please email