The Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) Advisory Group meeting held in February 2009 motivated for research to determine if and how gender is mainstreamed in journalism and media eduaction and training. The Gender in Media Education Audit (GIME) research  is guiding  strategic interventions for gender mainstreaming in institutions of higher learning offering journalism and media training.

The objectives of the GIME audit are to:

  • Establish whether or not gender is integrated in media education and training.
  • Identify gaps in current media/journalism education and training in Southern Africa with regard to mainstreaming gender in the curriculum.
  • Determine whether or not Gender Links materials and electronic resources are being used in media education and training in the Southern Africa.
  • Utilise the findings to develop strategic interventions to ensure sustained gender mainstreaming in media education and training.

Click here to view the Gender in Media Education regional report. Click on the links below for the country reports.

Botswana DRC Lesotho Madagascar Malawi
Mauritius Mozambique Namibia South Africa Swaziland
Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe