Reporting Women’s Political Participation in Africa
Advanced media training workshop

28 – 30 June

Presentation for facilitators
Concept note
Contacts form (Choose Regional WPP Media Training)
Women’s Political Participation story pitch form
GL Workshop evaluation form
Key material
Africa WPP Barometer (full version)
WPP Africa Barometer – SADC findings
Southern Africa Gender and Media Progress Study 2020 report
Global Media Monitoring Project 2020 report
Guidelines on improving Media and WPP for Editors
Gender, Constitutions and electoral systems- why this matter presentation
Day one: Gender Media and Women’s Political Participation
Gender and the media module

Presentation: Who makes the news in Zimbabwe media, Tarisai Nyamweda, Gender Links

Gender stereotypes in reporting on women in politics module

Gender, media and women in politics module

WPP Africa Barometer – Mainstream and Social Media

MISA. 2012. The SADC Guidelines on Media Coverage of Elections.

Day two: Barriers to women’s political participation

Barriers to Women’s Political participation module

UN Women. 2018 Violence against Women in Politics. Expert Group Meeting Report & Recommendations

IKnowpolitics Violence against Women in Politics 

Discrimination Against Female Politicians on Social Media: An Analysis of Tweets in the Run-Up to the July 2018 Harmonised Elections in Zimbabwe

2021 Women’s Dialogue report

Presentation: The role of men In Women’s political Participation in Africa, Padare/ Enkundleni/ Men’s forum on Gender

Journalists stories

Bots: Barapedi Kedikilwe – On why women don’t get elected; Presentation

Esw: Sifiso Nhlabatsi – Women MPs face uphill battle; Presentation

Zim: Gibson Mhaka – Traditional systems, customs suppress women’s aspirations for leadership; Presentation

Bots: Laedza Osekeng Culture’s ancient beliefs hinder women’s fight for political visibility

Bots: Kebadiretse Rasekutla – Challenges women in politics; Presentation

Esw: Lomalangeni DlaminiPresentation: Challenges faced by women aspiring to be politicians/in politics.

Zim: Nokuthaba Dlamini – Elusive votes; Presentation

Bots: Taboka Ngwako – No change in structural disparities: Presentation

Zim: Thandeka Moyo -Ndlovu – Social media: Double-edged sword for female politicians; Presentation

Gender, in political parties electoral systems and processes

Journalists stories

Zim: Nduduzo Tshuma – Women’s quota comes to an end; Presentation

Bots: Pini Bothoko – Parties caught unprepared

Women’s effective participation

Stories covered by journalists

Bots: Keamogetse Motone – Are men intimidated by women in leadership roles?Presentation

Esw: Sthembile Mamba – Emaswati Toy with idea of female PM

Zim: Moses Mugugunye – Traditional leaders use authority to propel women to leadership positionsPresentation

Bots: Neo Kolantsho –  Women endure the most of lack of political funding; Presentation

Esw: Pamela Zwane – Presentation: Empower the youth for a sustainable future concerning gender inequality

Zim: Robin Muchetu – Presentation: Political participation for all despite disability

Electoral laws : Unpacking the Pan Africa Model Gendered Electoral Law
Electoral systems : Electoral systems presentation;
WPP Africa Barometer Electoral Systems and Affirmative Action
Electoral processes : WPP Barometer Electoral Laws and Management
Regional WPP media training workshop report.